I had severe knee pains, and had been advised to undergo Total Knee Replacement as the pain was so severe that I could not walk for more than 10 mins also. My niece suggested to take treatment with Dr.Urvashi Guglani
as she was also taking her treatment for sinus problem. Dr.Urvashi Guglani gave me homoeopathic medicines and also diet for reducing my weight. After six months of treatment my weight reduced by 6 kg and my knee pains reduced by 75%. I am very happy as I was trying to lose weight since a long time but could not do it because of my severe pains and was difficult to follow diets at this age. This used to depress me a lot. My knee surgery has also been put on hold now as I am feeling much better with homoeopathic medicines. Thanks a lot to Dr.Urvashi Guglani, God bless you beta! Reg.no.101, F/ 68, Case of Osteoarthritis Knees (Bilat.)
“To begin with I want to clearly refute a myth that surrounds Homeopathy as a form of treatment & that it is very slow. When I started my treatment with Dr. Urvashi, I too was a little skeptical keeping in mind the duration of treatment & the results etc.. but now this perception has changed completely.
I had a severe acne problem & with the way things were, I was convinced that even if my acne is cured, marks would remain on my face for good. But I am pleasantly surprised to realize this is not the case. In fact my skin has pretty much gone back to being how it was before the acne started.. & within a few months of my starting the treatment… touchwood for that.. Here I want to make a point, and this is what Dr. Urvashi also had told me during the course of my treatment, which has helped me tremendously, is that you need to keep the faith in your doctor & do the way you are instructed. If at any point you think otherwise or do not trust your doctor enough, no matter what, the treatment would not help you. That’s exactly what I did & am a really happy with the results.. I would highly recommend Dr. Urvashi Guglani & homeopathy as a form of treatment.. My Best Wishes are always with you Dr. Urvashi !” Reg.No. 139 F/27, Case of Acne vulgaris + Uterine Fibroid
I have taken treatment with Dr. Urvashi Guglani for my major problems of sinus trouble, hairfall, lack of concentration, stomach ache, skin problems, & many other minor troubles.
Now I am 95% better. All my problems resolved gradually. It took a little longer time to heal probably because all my problems were very old in origin. That way before coming to Dr. Urvashi, I had been to many other doctors, but I didn’t get relief. One thing I would like to tell those people who want to get better in health, especially those who want to take homoeopathy, please choose your doctor carefully before investing your money and time, because getting treatment is easy but getting “right” treatment is quite tough. However, I am fine now because I got right treatment, and I wish everyone gets it too… Reg.no.154 F/26, Case of Anxiety Neurosis + Chronic Sinusitis + Dysmenorrhoea
I started my treatment for Scars and pimples with Dr.Urvashi S. Guglani and I can say that there is 90% improvement now. And with that I got treatment also for many problems. I would say life has changed now for the better. Earlier there was lack of confidence, now it’s in me. And I will give this credit to Dr. Urvashi. I know homeopathy takes some time but it gives us permanent relief compare to others...so thank you m’am for giving me a right treatment.
Reg.no. 157, M/ 27, Case of Acne Vulgaris
I was suffering from fissure problem for a very long time. I came to Dr.Urvashi Guglani after seeing my sister’s improvement. She also had fissures since many years. I am happy that I came here as my problem has improved significantly in just one month’s time. I am hopeful that over next few months I shall have complete relief from this problem. Thank you Dr.
Reg.No.173, F/29, Case of Fissure –in – ano.
I used to trust Allopathy medicines always. Nobody in my family had ever used Homeopathic medicines before.
I started getting rashes 3 years back. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me medicines and treted me for a real long time. But still I was not getting permanent result. I was tired of eating anti-allergy and anti-acid tablets. Then I just thought of trying Homeopathy. When I came to Dr. Urvashi Guglani, she started treating me and now my rashes have completely gone. I am no more suffering from any rashes. Thanks and Best Wishes
Reg.no.176 F/47, Case of Recurrent Urticaria + Chronic Gastritis + Hypothyroidism
I had taken up the 5-Day Wellness Program at Urjaa Homoeopathic Centre.
The course has helped me in my overall health awareness. Also brought some positivity in my life and made me cut out on some negative emotions. Also have lost 800gms in just 5 days which is a very encouraging thing for me. In just 5 days, I feel more positive & I see an overall improvement in me.
Reg.No.222 F/20, D Case of Depression + Migraine
I had been advised surgery for my chronic sinus problem. I have started homoeopathic treatment at Urjaa Centre since September and in just 3 months’ time I am feeling more than 75% better. I am very hopeful that my remaining problems will also go away very soon here.
Reg.No.217, M/32, Case of Chronic Sinusitis with Superseding Fungal Infection
I had a complaint of ganglion on my right wrist since many years.
Although it was never painful, nor did it have any significance medically (as the doctors had suggested), I did not like its presence on my body. Within 6 months of homeopathic treatment at Urjaa Homeopathic Centre, it has shrunk in size! I am so happy. More importantly, during the treatment, I also realized that I was suffering from excessive anxiety; thankfully that too has resolved for the better now.
Reg.No. 046, F/27, Case of Ganglion on Wrists
I was suffering from chronic leucorrhoea since 5 years.
With antibiotics & antifungal medications, I had relief for few days, but it was recurring. Thankfully with homoeopathic treatment, its more than 6 months and I don’t have any symptoms.
Reg.No.125, F/ 56, Case of Chronic Leucorrhoea
I am from Delhi. I took treatment from Dr.Guglani for my skin complaint. I was not a believer in homeopathy. But due to my wife’s insistence, and recommendation of Dr.Guglani from my relatives in Mumbai, I consulted her. She has given me very good result, & now my faith in homeopathy is developed. Best wishes to you.
Reg.No. 033, M/73, Case of Palmar Eczema
One of my friends recommended Dr.Urvashi Guglani’s name to me. I took online treatment from her as I stay in Ahmedabad.
I was suffering from chronic sinus problem. The doctors had told me that my nasal bone has shifted and so we will have to operate. That’s when I started homeopathy. In 3 months I have got more than 50% relief in my sinus problem. I am very happy and hopeful that all will be well son.
Reg. No. 205, M/ 29, Case of Chronic Sinusitis with Deviated Nasal Septum
I enrolled for weight loss program with Urjaa. I am a diabetic and hypothyroid patient since 15 years.
Yet with the therapy given at Urjaa, I was able to shed my weight with ease. The doctor & dietician have taken care to see that I eat healthy balanced meals, and they were very encouraging at all times. Thanks & best wishes
Reg.No.192, F/52, Case of Obesity, Hypothyroid & Diabetes Mellitus.
I had been advised surgery for removing my appendix, as I was getting attacks of severe pain in my abdomen since past 6 months.
I was very scared to undergo operation. I consulted Urjaa Clinic and started homeopathy for my complaint. My pain reduced a lot, and now I have not got repeat attack since 2 months. I am feeling more energetic now. Thanks a lot.
Reg.No. 045, F/ 20, Case of Chronic Appendicitis
I am taking medicine for my children with Urjaa centre. For any problem that my children have, be it cold cough or any other problems, I have always got satisfactory results here.
Reg.No. 182, F/ 37
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